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RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS will selectively recommend products on this page from Partner Organizations that promote the empowerment of caregivers to help loved ones. For information about partnership arrangements contact Laura Burns, MBA.


PurePro Massage Products specializes in working with people with sensitive skin. Since 1992 healing professionals and massage therapists worldwide choose Pure Pro products for the highest quality ingredients and soft, soothing feel on the skin. To visit PurePro click here.

The Patient Resource Cancer Guide was created to empower and prepare newly diagnosed and newly restaged cancer patients to become their own advocates. Now in its fourth year, this comprehensive resource helps these patients and their families map the cancer journey. To learn more click here.


Complementary Cancer Care: Your Healing Plan™. This CD-ROM educates cancer patients and their caregivers about effective complementary therapies and how these therapies can be integrated into their conventional care. Available from HealthMark Multimedia. To learn more click here.


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